Tyrese Defends Diddy, Gives Son Justin Combs Advice: You don’t owe anyone, sh*t!

Brotherly Love - Los Angeles Premiere

He continues:

What we ARE missing is MORE BLACK FATHERS that will step in when its time to command and demand RESPECT period – at any cost…. My Shayla daughter is 7, if I found out a teacher was purposely messing with her everyday BECAUSE of WHO her father was I would have to make my position known…… Period….. This too shall pass…. Stay on your path, hold your head high JUSTIN COMBS…. Carry your last name with PRIDE and CONFIDENCE…. And when you get back on that field you take all of your frustrations and ram into their fucking chest!!!!!!! We stand with you bro….. Your FAMILY stands with you… When God standing with you the TRUTH will be exposed and all lies and bullshit will fall….. I’m here 24/7 baby bro…… It’s YOUR season….. The debt of your struggle will determine the HEIGHT of your success…… Stay humble, stay focussed, stay being “Who” you are… Fly high….. I’m so proud to be your big bro… – Tyrese “Voltron King” Gibson.

Do you agree with some of the points that Tyrese made? 

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