A Drunk Dave Chappelle Calls Daniel Caesar “Gay”, John Mayer Tries To Force Comedian To Apologize [VIDEO]

A Drunk Dave Chappelle Calls Daniel Caesar “Gay”, John Mayer Tries To Force Comedian To Apologize [VIDEO]

It quickly got weird on last night’s (3/10/2019) episode of singer John Mayer‘s IG Live show, “Current Mood.” John’s guest – comedian Dave Chappelle – is known for his brash antics – both from his stand-up comedy, and his infamous sketch show, “The Chappelle Show.” Dave drunkenly called “Best Part” signer, Daniel Caesar, “gay” while attempting to introduce him as the musical guest for the night. The awkward live moment went as followed:

“John Mayer: You just met Daniel Caesar for the first time. You heard him sing a little bit.

Dave Chappelle: Yeah, very gay…huh? Did I say that out loud? I’m just kidding. Daniel Caesar’s a musician from Toronto that I just met tonight. Um, Black- I got jelous. I didn’t know John had other Black friends…but, he’s amazing. And he’s the musical guest tonight. “

Off-camera, Daniel protested to interacting with them after Dave’s comment. Dave pawned his offensive comment off on being drunk. John immediately tried to smooth the conflict over before an argument ensued.

“John: [To Daniel Caesar] Yeah. You wanna set up and we’ll do the tune? You’re not feeling it?

Dave: Not yet- no, Daniel. Not yet.

Daniel: What the f*ck was that?

Dave: What I said?

Daniel: Yeah.

Dave: Did I offend you?

Daniel: Yeah.

Dave: Daniel’s from Toronto, and-

John: Hold on- hold on. Are both parties drunk?

Daniel: No, I’m drunk.

John: Ok, well everybody’s drunk. I’m the only sober person

Dave: Oh my God, if I fist-fight on your show I’ll be furious!”

John Mayer, then, attempted to get Dave Chappelle to apologize. Daniel Caesar wanted to hurriedly move past it.

Yikes! Was Daniel Caesar justified in being offended by Dave Chappelle’s comment?

Watch the entire episode of “Current Mood” below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay