Tyrese Defends Diddy, Gives Son Justin Combs Advice: You don’t owe anyone, sh*t!

Tyrese Defends Diddy UCLA Incident-Justin Combs-the jasmine brand

Tyrese Gibson has taken to Instagram, to defend Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his recent arrest regarding the UCLA incident. The actor/singer took to his Instagram, sharing a conversation that he had with Diddy’s son, Justin Combs.

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In short, the very vocal celeb (who is currently prepping a talk show with Rev Run on the OWN network), says that because of his famous father, Justin may be negatively judged by others. He also states that it is a father’s responsibility to protect his family.

Check Tyrese’s thoughts out in his own words:

My exact words.. In this moment Justin Combs aka @princejdc aka UCLA’s young KING is NEVER let ANYONE make you feel bad about being so blessed…… Haters have a job to do…… People who run negative blogs, entertain and welcome dysfunction on ALL levels….. They wasn’t there…. They don’t know what’s behind it…. they will assume, they will LOOK to paint the picture….. There IS A such thing as people purposely treating YOU like shit because of WHO your dad IS….. They will tear you down, attack your character, put you through waaaaaaaayyyy more than the others just because of WHAT you were born into….. I say it again…. You don’t owe anyone shit….