Young Thug Says He Can Write A Perfect Song In 10 Minutes: Lil Wayne & Drake Can’t.

Young Thug

Young Thug

Young Thug reveals why he’s no stranger to confidence nor controversy in a Dazed interview for the Autumn 2015 New Agenda issue.

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The Atlanta rapper — who’s had a public beef with Lil Wayne for most of the year — opens up about his upbringing, how he’s talented enough to pen a perfect song in 10 minutes, along with he’d always knew he’d be the man. Peep a few excerpts.

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Why he prefers to live in Atlanta:

I stayed in the ghetto. Then I stayed in condos, then I stayed in penthouses, and then I stayed in mansions. Why am I gonna move to LA or Miami? Atlanta is the number one place to live. You live better, you eat better, the rides are better, vehicles is better deals. It’s better people. More mean people, but at my level you want it to be about business, so it’s perfect for me. I’ve got a condo in Miami but I don’t live in it. That sh*t be rented out.

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His upbringing:

I’m the youngest boy. It was hard at times, especially where we come from. But it was amazing because a lot of people don’t have the immediate family we do. It was so much fun, you know?I didn’t finish school. I did everything stupid. So when they hear metaphors and good lyrics, they think, ‘Wow. How did you know that? Why did you think like that?’ They’re kind of my biggest fans because they know me better. It can be amazing to them.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams