Cyn Santana On Erica Mena: ‘Never In a Million Years Would I Think Erica Would Put Her Hands On Me’ [VIDEO]


Cyn Santana brings her latina accent and Erica Mena drama to Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. Very energetic over everything, the young Love and Hip Hop reality star held her own as the hosts spewed questions her way, in hopes to get the juice on her. The new season of LHHNY is in full effect and we’re currently watching the Cyn and Erica’s love story diminish. Find out what she has to say about Erica, their violent situation, and Mena and Bow Wow’s engagement.


Hot 97: Bow Wow and Erica Mena’s Kiss and Engagement:

Cyn Santana: Yeah I was thrown off. She did that and I was like okay. I didn’t find that funny and entertaining. Had I’d known before, I would’ve been like ‘Yeah,’ to me it’s all about communications. I got a million text messages.

Hot 97: Do you think it’s for real?

I don’t think it’s for fake. I would hope not, that’s serious if someone put a ring on my finger. That married life, that’s [something].

Hot 97: Do you think it will last?

I think it takes a lot to deal with Erica.


Hot 97: On the next episode she puts her hands on you?

It was like a mush, I don’t know what would’ve happened if security wasn’t there. That’s the first time we’ve gotten into a heated discussion like that. We’ve argued before, we both have mouths on us. Never in a million years would I think Erica would put her hands on me. I know what she’s about—you don’t think that stuff would happen to you.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels