Nikki ‘Hoopz’ Alexander Opens Up About Split from Shaquille O’Neal: That was humiliating.

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Nikki Alexander, aka Hoopz, has snagged a new family reality show, It Takes a Sister. Known for her stint on Flavor of Love, Nikki is also known for dating retired NBA baller, Shaquille O’Neal. In an interview with Wet Paint, Nikki clues us in on what actually happened with her split from Shaq; if Shaq knows she is doing a reality show; and who she’s now dating. Peep a few excerpts.

If she let Shaq know about her new reality show:

I did. I cannot tell you he was thrilled about it. But at the end of the day — three years — it was my life too. I am not bring[ing] cameras in to hide certain pieces so I am very exposed in this which like I said and you will see a little bit of violability and which typically people do not see; [people] never see me cry which was funny because on one of the last shows they were like, ‘I don’t think that she can produce a tear’ and it is funny because now I feel like all I am doing on the new season is crying.

Hoopz, Shaq (circa 2011)

Hoopz, Shaq (circa 2011)

What really happened between Hoopz and Shaq:

We kind of had a long distance thing going on when I choose to leave Florida and he ended up taking someone else to a tennis tournament and was just all out in the open with it and I feel like that was the most hurtful part — because at the end of the day and I am not saying its right to do whatever you want to do behind closed doors, but out of respect maybe just let me know. I mean what I can do about it? The worst part is that it hit airwaves and news like Nicole Alexander and Shaq O’Neal look great together and then two hours later well we were wrong that is him and somebody who looks like her. Oh Man that was humiliating.


Authored by: TJB Writer