Rapper Dream Doll Says “It Hurts” As She Reveals She Had 4 Butt Reductions: “I Wanted A More Natural Body”

Dream Doll Reveals She’s Had 4 Butt Reductions: “I Wanted A More Natural Body”

Plastic surgery has quickly become the norm for this current generation, more specifically, “BBL’s” (Brazilian Butt Lift). We see it on social media, tv, and especially within the celebrity culture. While the procedure gets a lot of popular attention, we don’t always hear the negatives that may come along with it. During a recent episode of Angela Yee’s, Lip Service Podcast, Dream Doll revealed that she has underwent 4 butt reductions in an attempt to make her butt appear smaller after having previous buttock injections. The 29-year-old rapper/reality tv star explained that the injections are actually painful and have lasting side- effects. When Angela asked why she’s gotten fat removed, Dream Doll had this to say:

“It hurts. Pain.. Not wanting a big butt anymore… I already got 4 reductions already. There’s levels to this reduction s**t…It’s way harder to take it out… I just wanted a more natural body.” 

dream doll

Dream Doll goes on to reveal she found a good doctor in Columbia and has shared his information, even though other woman haven’t been as forthcoming with advise when she needed it.

” I went to Carlos Gomez. He’s in Columbia, he’s really good with reconstruction and I’ve sent a lot of women to him… When I wanted to do a removal, nobody wants to tell you that s**t… Nobody want to give that s**t [information] out. But I gave my doctor out to woman and shared my story through vlogging because I wanted to be able to help people the way I wanted to be helped.”

Dream Doll has been very open with her fans about the downfall to plastic surgery. In a 2019 video on her Youtube channel, she explained that she had to return to Columbia to see her plastic surgeon due to pain and complications she had been experiencing as a result from her buttock injections.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole