French Montana Talks Vodka Beef With 50 Cent + Rumors of Dating Sanaa Lathan

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This week, Morocco born and South Bronx raised rapper French Montana sits down with Ebro in the Morning on New York’s Hot 97 to discuss what it was like seeing his father after 15 years; the death of his close friend rapper Chinx; Instagram beef with 50 Cent and rumors of dating Sanaa Lathan. See a few excerpts from the interview below.

On his trip back to Morocco and seeing his dad:

I went back three years ago after fifteen years, I got to see my pops, got to see my whole family. I have not seen my dad in fifteen years. Hard times bring people together. It is circumstances that make people the way they are. When we came here with my mother and everything, I just feel like he came here with a plan and then it did not go the way he wanted it to be so I guess he went back home. But I guess mom dukes did not want to go back with him so she came here and then I became him when I became like sixteen years old. It made me became the person I am. It is a beautiful thing. When your father leaves the crib and your mother is a single mom and she dose not know how to speak English; does not know how to do nothing. So you know, you got to become the father of the family. I am the oldest. So my two little brothers became my kids. I do not think he (my dad) was in the streets. He was hustling. I became more in the streets because when I went to school and I was really playing basketball and I was trying to get scholarships to get into school and everything but my paper work was not straight. So you know, the one way for me to make any kind of money was to hustle. It did not matter what it was, I had hustle to make some money if I did not want to see my mother struggle.

Why people tried to make the death of Chinx French Montana’s fault:

I feel like a lot of people do not know when he first got home me and him first got together I put him on tour with me as soon as he came home. It is like this right — I never made one dollar off of Chinx as an artist or what ever it is. All I did with Chinx was me just helping him out because I want to see my brother as big as he can and I just feel like at his peak this happened to him. That is what I am most hurt about. I want him to see how much people love him. Even from ”Off The Rip”, to his new record to everything that is going on right now. At the end of the day I am a coke boy to ”feelings” that is records with me on there….That was my brother and through out the whole time I just feel like he was just like trying and trying and trying so hard and when he finally caught his break that happened. I do not have to feel like I have to defend myself with him because me and him had a totally different relationship. Like I said, Chinx was signed to me since we started. I never made one dollar off of him from videos and everything else even to the funeral even to everything I never asked my brother for a dollar. I never asked. I did that because he is my brother and I love him and I just feel like now that he is not here to talk for him self. Everybody else around him is standing up saying what ever they got to say. I am saying at the end of the day even with Tupac and Biggie, even like how they saying Suge killed Pac and Puff had something to do with Biggie, I just feel like once shit like that happens people just start talking because they want to talk.


Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan

If French is dating Sanna Lathan:

I am not denying nobody. All I am saying is I am just having fun. That is all I am trying to do, I am not trying to be caught in the box of anything. I just want to have fun.

His beef with 50 Cent: 

Man, let me tell you something man. I just feel like, did you ever see a person in the club with a Effen Vodka bottle in their hand? Stunting like on top of a couch throwing it up? No baby that is 4 Loco. Do not go there that is 4 Loco. We just having fun. I just feel like 50 is a marketing genius and I feel like this is things he do. I feel like he took it away from when he was making music to now selling vodka. He is using the same technique. We just having fun with it. We snapping at each other. I call him a donkey. He say certain things. It is all love.

If he was entertained by the Meek and Drake Beef: 

I am just glad the beef is not real beef. I just feel like you know it was something for the fans. I feel like it is great for the whole hip hop thing. Drake is the best rapper in our generation. Man, I thought Meek was going to slay him. But then Drake just came with that ‘Back to Back,’ I feel like it could have went back to back even through after that. I feel like Meek was taking too long. That was a great battle. Sometimes, you going to win sometimes you going to lose. I do not feel like it takes anything away from their careers.

See the full interview below:

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