Fetty Wap’s Dread Extensions Are From A Woman In His Neighborhood, Rapper Reveals How He Lost His Eye [VIDEO]

Fetty Wap The Jasmine Brand

Fetty Wap has been having one of the best years in rap. The New Jersey native successfully put Jersey back on the map and made history thanks to releasing four summer smashes. Now  to finish off the year strong, Fetty dropped his self-titled debut album. Ahead of his motorcycle accident that occurred over the weekend and left him with a leg broken in multiple places, he headed to Power 105.1. Being an open book, Fetty Wap revealed how he received his dread extensions, lost his eye, and more.

How he lost his eye:

I had Glaucoma when I was six months. I was supposed to be blind in both eyes but the doctor saved both.

How old he was when he actually took his eye out:

That was recent. I was 19 and didn’t care anymore. Everyone in my city already knew. I got more comfortable.

Fetty Wap The Jasmine Brand

Whether he drives or not:

Yeah I have a drivers license and a motorcycle license. I’ve been driving my whole life before I got a license.

[FYI: The incident happened a day before his motorcycle accident. He was struck by a car but given three tickets because he lacked a motorcycle license.]


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels