Gilbert Arenas Taking Laura Govan to Court Over Leaked Email, Reveals Restraining Order: She can’t come within 100 yards!

Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan

Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan

The saga continues between ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas and his ex fiancee, Laura Govan. As you know, the pair share 4 children together and have been battling in public (and private) over custody, restraining orders and how they co-parent their children.

Earlier this month, we shared an alleged leaked email from Govan which made some startling allegations about Arenas (click here for the backstory). According to TMZ, the email in question was leaked to a blogger, which resulted in Arenas taking legal action.

According to the site,

the docs filed by the ex-NBA star, he says he has text messages between Laura and the blogger, who last week published details from the emails … which included allegations of infidelity and domestic violence. Arenas says Laura violated a court order — just signed in August — to keep her mouth shut about him … when she leaked the email. Specifically, the court order says Laura cannot make “derogatory or disparaging remarks” about Gilbert.
Arenas also accuses Govan of leaking a letter his attorney sent to hers, screwing up their visitation agreement and violating the rules for exchanging their 4 kids.
Gilbert blowing the whistle on Laura could potentially change their current custody arrangement, if a judge agrees she blabbed.


Authored by: TJB Writer