Kanye & Kim Kardashian Go To Uganda, Ye Tells President He Wants To Make Uganda “Like Jurassic Park”

Kanye & Kim Kardashian Go To Uganda, Ye Tells President He Wants To Make Uganda “Like Jurassic Park”

Kanye West and his family journeyed to Uganda over the weekend following Kanye’s meeting with Donald Trump at the White House just days prior. As promised, Kanye went to Africa to begin working on his new album. While there, Kanye and Kim met with Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and gifted him with an autographed pair of all white Yeezy sneakers.


He also spoke to the president about tourism, saying that he’d like to make Uganda like Jurassic Park.

This is going to be like Jurassic Park, Disney World, like the ultimate tourist [destination]. When I saw the safari, I was like, ‘this is how all zoos should be.’ I saw an incredible zoo in Australia, it’s the #1 zoo, but there are elements worth incorporating. I see bringing in the best talents in every field in every industry because of course, there’s tourism, but I’d like to know what are the other industries that you’d like to build. I would like to have a discussion about what would make the entire country be like Wakanda. 

A few natives of Uganda were critical of the meeting, noting that the country’s tourism technical team, minister of tourism and strategic planning team were not invited to this meeting. Others were offended that Kanye would meet with Museveni, who some referred to as a “brutal dictator” during his 32 years of presidency.  

Despite the criticism over their meeting, Kanye and Kim gifted Museveni with a pair of signed sneakers. They also gave away dozens of sneakers to Ugandan children. The president let KimYe borrow his helicopter to attend a children’s charity event in Masulita where he could give away the new kicks.

The children were very excited for Kanye’s arrival, singing and cheering when they saw the superstar. They were even more excited to receive the new shoes. Click here to see the video.


Authored by: Eleven8