(EXCLUSIVE) Crystal Renay Talks Engagement to NeYo, Reality TV & Social Media Backlash

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Crystal Renay says there is more to her than just her high-profile engagement to singer/songwriter NeYo. In a recent exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Crystal discussed her love life in some detail and her role in a new BET reality show, but she also gave some insight to her “layers” as an individual; referencing her modeling stint beginning with the editor of Black Men’s Magazine discovering her on Instagram, how she deals with negativity, and, of course, becoming a mother to her and NeYo’s first child together who is due to arrive in March.

NeYo, Crystal Renay

NeYo, Crystal Renay

Renay explains,

I am first and foremost an entrepreneur. I’m always looking for the next best business to get involved in. Aside from that, I was modeling for awhile but when I got in my relationship, out of respect for my fiancée, I kind of slowed down. But we now have an understanding that once this drops (points to her pregnant belly), I will be getting back to work!

How she and NeYo met:

I was selected to be one of the girls for his previous album he just released this year and we had a business meeting and the rest is history!

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Renay says there was a marriage proposal back in January of this year that involved just the two of them alone in a hotel room where they discussed how much they loved each other and their future.

NeYo-Reproposes to Fiancee Crystal Renay-the jasmine brand

Although the pair went and got tattoos together shortly thereafter, Renay says she received much negativity and criticism because she had not been given an engagement ring thus leading to a second proposal.

On my birthday, he just decided to re-propose because he didn’t like the way people were treating me.

Dealing with negativity regarding her relationship:

[The toughest part of our relationship] are the misconceptions and the [outside] negativity that surrounds it. Inside of our relationship, we are amazing. We’re happy! We communicate very well [and have done so] from the very beginning.

Monyetta, NeYo

Monyetta, NeYo

Renay mentioned that Monyetta Shaw, NeYo’s ex-fiancée, was aware of her and NeYo’s engagement prior to the social media postings explaining,

At my request…at my requirement, he told her way before that. I like her as a person. I would never allow her to be blindsided by something from the media instead of hearing it from us first. NEVER.


Authored by: TJB Writer