(EXCLUSIVE) Crystal Renay Talks Engagement to NeYo, Reality TV & Social Media Backlash

She also discussed how she genuinely likes Shaw and dealing with #TeamMonyetta push backs/negativity.

In the beginning, it was very hurtful. It hurts because I really like her. She’s funny. She’s a fun person to be around and I hate the misconception that people want us to not like each other because it’s not the case.

The premise of her forthcoming reality show (whose cast mates include Eva Marcille, Sparkle Holmes, E.J. King and others) and promoting her business as her reason for joining it,

It’s about a group of tight-knit friends (hopefully they remain that way), um, just basically living our lives and having businesses in Hollywood and dealing with all the stigmas and negativity…and just juggling our relationships and lives as well as our friendships.

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She reveals that NeYo was completely supportive of the show.

He supports me 100 percent. He knows that I’m not gonna get on there…and embarrass myself. I’m [gonna] keep it real. He wants the world to know me for me and who he sees and not what people perceive me to be.

The hardest part of reality TV:

Keeping my attitude in check [and] trying to remember at the end of the day, this show is to promote my business and keeping that mind frame.

On what she has planned for the future:

I’ve been working on a [clothing] line for a while now and I’ve been taking my time with it. I’m looking for big department stores to take my line on. My [children’s clothing line] debut, hopefully, will be in March.

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Crystal also reveals baby names and hints at their wedding plans. Watch the full interview below.

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