V.Bozeman Releases ‘Smile’ Video Featuring Timbaland [WATCH]

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Singer V. Bozeman premiered her video for the much anticipated single, “Smile” featuring her mentor Timbaland. Most of us were introduced to Bozeman in the first season of Empire and instantly became a fan favorite. The single is featured on Timbaland’s new album, “Opera Noir” and is his first album in six years.

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In the video, Bozeman and Timbaland motivate people to smile as they hug and dance, singing:

Through the rain or shine, I’ll be there when you call me
(There when you call me)
You’re my favorite song that I sing in the morning
You’re the cream to my coffee
You’re the sound of my heart beat
Baby you’re that one I can’t lose
Cause I got that winner, can’t lose if I got you here
Oh, I would climb or move any day that you ask me
Need no parachute, cause your loves gonna catch me
If you’re there then I’m happy
If you’re not then I’m crappy
You make everything better
When it pours baby you’re my umbrella
Even on my worst day

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Authored by: TJB Writer