Ice Cube Has No Issue With Tarantino Using The “N” Word In Films

Ice Cube and son/actor O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Ice Cube and son/actor O’Shea Jackson Jr.

On the two films that inspired him to be in movies:

My brother and my two sisters took me to the Century Drive-In theater, and we saw The Mack. And then we saw Coffy. Blew my mind.

On Quentin Tarantino’s use of the “N” Word so frequently in his movie Django Unchained:

[The N-word] to me doesn’t make the movie much more inflammatory than the next. It was a great Western. I usually don’t mind movies that people think go overboard because that’s what art is all about.

The full interview airs Sunday, December 13 at 11am on Sundance TV.


Authored by: TJB Writer