Tom Joyner Reacts To Rumors He’s Being Forced Off Radio

Tom Joyner

Tom Joyner

Rumor has it, legendary radio host Tom Joyner is throwing up the deuces and retiring from his syndicated radio show. Unfortunately, from what we hear it’s not his choice. In fact, he’s being forced to leave, the Daily Mail Online reports.

Reportedly, the 65-year-old entertainment veteran is being forced to make room for younger talent and coincide with the departure of President Barack Obama from the White House.

A source claims that the strategy of his departure is being put into place by radio conglomerate Radio One along with his best friend and former business associate David Kantor.

Joyner, Trey Songz

Joyner, Trey Songz

A source tells the site:

They think going with a younger, fresher show is the way to go and the entire plan has been orchestrated by the man who actually launched Tom into syndication originally

The site reports:

Joyner started his syndicated radio show The Tom Joyner Morning Show in 1994 with ABC Radio Networks after hosting a morning program in Dallas and an afternoon radio show in Chicago for eight years.

During that time he earned more than seven million frequent-flier miles commuting daily between the two cities. The vigorous travel schedule earned Joyner the nicknames The Fly Jock and The Hardest-Working Man In Radio.

Kantor, then an executive at ABC Radio Networks, came up with the idea to launch Joyner into national syndication.

As the first African-American host in national syndication, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, which featured co-hosts Sybil Wilkes and comedian J. Anthony Brown, became an instant success.


Authored by: TJB Writer