Lil Mama On How Playing Left Eye Changed Her, Being the Center of Memes & Changing Her Look

Lil Mama

Lil Mama

This week, Lil Mama who is known for her hit song, “My Lip Gloss” and her staring role in the VH1’s TLC biopic as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez as well as being a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew, returned to The Breakfast Club to talk about how she feels about her popularity on social media memes, what she learned form playing Left Eye and much more. Check out a few exerts from the interview below.

On why she cried on her last visit to The Breakfast Club:

The reason why I got emotional and talking about my mother and at the time I had not really come out about how I felt about losing my mother. When I came to talk to you all that was the first time I sat down with a group of people and discussed it.

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Her relationship with T-Boz and Chilli from after the movie:

It is great. We talk. We talk a lot. I want to say that I think that one of the biggest dilemmas, but I do not know if that is the right word, but it is a sensitive thing when you have the perfect three and this is the three that you learn to know and you learn to love, you grew with and now you have [the song] “Sausages” no I’m playing. Now you have this new young person that we know that we kind of got a chance to be apart of your journey but you are not Left Eye.

So we do not want to make it seem like we are replacing her. That was the biggest issue with contunely working with them, but I did get a great run they brought me out on some shows. I got to do the AMA”s (American Music Awards) for the first time with them, I got to do some shows in Canada with them we traveled the world together. They are a phenomenal group of people and I am thankful that they where able to bring me along for some time.

41st Annual American Music Awards - Press Room

On if portraying Left Eye in the movie changed her: 

I think that it did. When I played Left Eye it helped me to see things about myself. It taught me discipline, it taught me respect, taught me etiquette, even acting. Coming in the game I was raw. You know that is how incidents of running on to stages happen. I am straight out of New York City. I am up there like New York, New York! You got to learn how to be like, ‘ok at this moment you sit down at this moment you go.’ Respect when some one else is putting together, respect this area.

On being the face of many popular social media memes:

laughed at the one with the underarms. Because you know when you growing up in the hood you just might not have any deodorant that day, and you go to school and they like who is musty and your like, ‘oh naw your coming at me.’ Like you know that is funny. 

On why she is changing her look:

I think that naturally growing into a young lady and into a woman I think that my style is just picking up naturally.

Watch the interview below.

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