Steve Harvey Talks Friendship with Bill Cosby + Why Chris Rock Should Host Oscar’s

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During a recent Q&A with the National Association of Television Program Executives, Steve Harvey sounded off on Chris Rock hosting the Oscar’s, the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby and his Miss Universe mishap. Check out the excerpts.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock

On whether Chris Rock should host the Oscar’s:

I understand the boycott. I understand what they’re saying. What I don’t understand is asking Chris Rock not to host. I think Chris Rock should host. Chris Rock doesn’t determine who the [nominees] are. The Academy does. And nobody knows who the Academy is.

Boycotting the Oscar’s:

If it were happening to you, you’d feel the same thing. How the hell did you have Friends in New York, and none of them [are] black? You have no black friends in New York? If you’re in Rhode Island, I’d let it slide.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby controversy:

He has been a friend of mine. He has been a friend to my children. That’s the man I know. I don’t know what it is. I would love to believe none of it were true, but I’m not the judge and jury on this one. Wherever the chips fall, he is my friend. I’ve talked with him a couple times. I don’t bring up the subject. What do I say to him, “Hang in there?” Have you ever been in trouble and someone told you ‘Hang in there?’

Miss Columbia, Steve Harvey

Miss Columbia, Steve Harvey

Announcing the wrong winner at Miss Universe:

I was asking God to help me increase my global persona. I don’t appreciate the route he took. You’ve got to be real specific with God. It was a challenging night for sure.

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