Wendy Williams Back Home & ‘Improving’ After Recent Health Struggles: She’s Ready To Get Back To Work

Wendy Williams Back Home & ‘Improving’ After Recent Health Struggles: She’s Ready To Get Back To Work

Update # 1 (Sept. 24): Wendy Williams is reportedly back home and recovering after voluntarily checking into a psychiatric hospital.

An insider said,

“Wendy is home and improving every day.”

Despite recent reports that the 13th season premiere of her show could be postponed again, a separate source confirmed employees were told the daytime talk show would return on Oct. 4 as planned.

“Wendy is on the mend, and doing well. There was a meeting this week, and [execs] assured staff the show will return on Oct. 4., and Wendy is ready to get back to work.”

Wendy Williams was seen leaving her Manhattan apartment in a wheelchair earlier this week. She was also spotted vaping while talking to a mystery man outside of a Verizon Wireless store for 30 minutes. She reportedly rolled up her window when she spotted paparazzi.

There’s speculation she’ll fill fans in on what she’s experienced during the Hot Topics opener of the season premiere, essentially boosting ratings.

Original Story: Could The Wendy Williams Show postpone its next season again?

As previously reported, The Wendy Williams Show pushed back its 13th season premiere earlier this month. This was due to Wendy Williams testing positive for COVID-19 and needing time to recover and quarantine.

Shortly after this announcement, news broke that the 57-year-old TV host was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. Additionally, reports later came out that–ahead of her hospitalization–Wendy Williams was allegedly

“drinking every day, even while filming the show.” 

A source added:

“Everyone is an enabler because they don’t want to lose their job. They see it, they know it, they smelled the liquor… Her staffers are worried but no one is ever going to speak up because they don’t want to lose their jobs.”

The source continued:

“She’s an alcoholic. A bad one. She doesn’t need a talk show, she needs help.”

Now, there’s speculation that Wendy Williams‘ situation could cause her talk show’s forthcoming season to be pushed back once again. One source reportedly says that The Wendy Williams Show may delay its season 13 premiere because Wendy is expected to be

“evaluated for weeks to determine what is going on with her, both mentally and physically.”

Despite this speculation, The Wendy Williams Show is still scheduled to kick off its new season on October 4th.

Do you think The Wendy Williams Show will delay its upcoming season 13 premiere a second time? Comment down below to let us know.


Authored by: Nick Fenley