(EXCLUSIVE) Rickey Smiley On Reality TV, Finding Love & Why Steve Harvey Once Cursed Him Out

Rickey Smiley

Rickey Smiley

When one thinks of genuine entertainment, Rickey Smiley comes to mind. That ingredient is one reason for such a successful stand up comedian and radio career. The host of the nationally syndicated show, Rickey Smiley Morning Show, sat down with theJasmineBRAND.com to discuss reality show (Rickey Smiley For Real), the success of his radio show, the Bill Cosby controversy and why Steve Harvey once cursed him out. Check out a few excerpts.

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On why he decided to do reality TV:

It’s easy. It’s easier to do than scripted [television].[With] scripted you have table reads, rehearsals, then you have to shoot it. You just have cameras in your house filming you and your kids and all y’all different situations for x amount of time and that’s it.

On how much creative control he has with the show:

I’m one of the executive producers.

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On why his radio show is so successful:

Just keep it entertaining and funny. We also do a lot of community service. We like to help people. When people know you’re coming from a sincere place and genuine place, they show love.

Smiley, Tamela Mann

Smiley, Tamela Mann

Why he still does stand-up comedy every weekend:

If you don’t get out here and perform on the weekends the radio station owns you. Always dance with who brought you to the party. Stand-up comedy brought me to the party. I’m a comedian first. Before [everything] and radio, I’m a stand-up comedian.

On the last time he was booed or heckled:

Almost every night. Sometimes, I put them out. Sometimes, I curse them out. Don’t yell out at my performance. I don’t need your help.

On advice for an aspiring comedian:

Keep it clean and dress nice. Remember you’re not a rapper. You [will] open more doors for yourself.

Who he considers his mentors in comedy:

Steve Harvey. As far as comedy I like Steve Harvey, Mike Epps, Mark Curry and Tommy Davidson.

On his relationship status:

It’s hard to find a relationship. I can’t meet anybody because I’m working all the time. ….It’s hard.

On if he will ever get married:

I got married in the court house first time I got married. If I was to walk down the aisle, Jesus himself would have to bring her on my doorstep.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

His thoughts about the Bill Cosby controversy:

Well, I mean I don’t know. I wasn’t there. No one really knows what happened. Every one has all of these opinions but we can’t say he did it and we also can’t say they weren’t raped. But IF Bill Cosby gave them a date rape drug and took advantage of those women than he should be punished. If women are out here lying trying to get money they should be punished.

On his most memorable interviews: 

The Game. We was suppose to interview The Game and he came in there talking about his grandma’s boyfriend. I tell you we were in there on the floor crying. The way he laid that story out! [Also] Webbie & comedian Lunell. Those are my top 3 favorites. They bring the most energy.

On his biggest fear:

Ending up on an episode of First 48. Probably being old and being alone. You have to have some substance. I need you to be smart in something.

On the one job that he’d NEVER want to do:

One of those dirty jobs. Anything to do with sewage or cleaning up cow crap. Also, I’m not good with cold water.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

On the best business decision he’s ever made:

Doing radio. I got cussed out by Steve Harvey, because I told him I wasn’t going to do radio. He cussed me out and I jumped on a plane and went to Dallas and interviewed. Now I’ve been doing radio for ten years. We have about 46 million listeners every morning.

One thing no one knows about him:

I fly places and I have a captain’s license. I’m a boater.

See the full interview below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams