(EXCLUSIVE) Ex-NFL Star Clinton Portis Refuses To Provide Financial Docs in Bankruptcy

Clinton Portis

Clinton Portis

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Ex-NFL star Clinton Portis is refusing to hand over vital financial documents in his bankruptcy case – where he claimed to be drowning in nearly $5 million dollars of debt – and now the trustee is demanding the case be thrown out and the former football star be left to fight off his numerous creditors by himself.

Back in December, Portis filed for bankruptcy saying he owed $5 million to various creditors but had $13 million in assets – with 10 million of that chunk not guaranteed and it’s listed as potential money from 2 companies he is currently suing – this despite pulling in over $43 million during his nine seasons in the NFL.

The former Denver Broncos running back listed his debt breakdown, owing $500K to his mother, $500K to a former football reporter, over $1 million to a mortgage company, nearly $400K to the IRS, over $287K to MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and various other creditors.

Portis also said he currently owes $412K in back domestic support to 4 different women. He also only has $150 in his checking account.

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His current monthly income is only $7,500 but he has expenses totaling almost $13K per month.

Portis lists only $150 in his checking account. However, he is currently involved in 2 nasty legal battles with Pro Sports Financial for $8 million over a failed casino investment along with $2 million case against Jade Private Wealth Management.

Then on January 26th, the trustee presiding over the bankruptcy filed docs demanding the judge throw out the case and leave the ex-NFL star on the hook for the $5 million debt.

The trustee explains Portis has failed to follow many rules of bankruptcy court. He has failed to provide the trustee with monthly financial reports, pay the required fees, failed to turn in documents in a timely manner, hasn’t turned over his tax returns or bank records or proof of insurance and many other requirements.

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According to the docs, the trustee will no longer wait for the information and is demanding the entire case be thrown out, which would leave Portis on the hook for $5 million without any protection from the court. Portis has yet to respond to the trustee’s motion.

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Authored by: TJB Writer