Santigold Releases Her Video, “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” [Watch]

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Singer Santigold (born Santi White) dropped her new video for the single, “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” off her third album,”99¢.”

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The single is produced by Santigold herself alongside John Hill and Patrik Berger. The track is filled with all star cameos like Jay Z, Pharrell, Olivia Wilde, and Andy Samberg and in the video she walks around the city with her dog taking selfies along the way and reading about “America’s Vanity Epidemic.” On the track, she sings,

If I wasn’t me, I can be sure I’d wanna be
I’m pretty major and I’ll say it out loud
Living my life in a fantasy
Living my life in my vanity
Hey mom maybe you’ll see me now


See the video below.

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Authored by: TJB Writer