(EXCLUSIVE) Nicki Minaj Settles $30 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Allegations She Stole From Wig Designer

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theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Nicki Minaj has reached a settlement in the $30 million dollar lawsuit filed by her ex-wig maker – who accused the rapper of stealing his designs without permission – with the pop star signing a confidential deal to dismiss all claims against her and end the legal battle once and for all.

Nicki was slapped with a $30 million dollar lawsuit by her former wig maker Terrence Davidson. The man claimed he created the wigs that made Nicki a star and accused her of cheating him out of millions.

Terrence claimed that Nicki took his wig designs and then sold them to the public. He also said that she promised they would do a reality show together, worth millions of dollars but she never came through on her word.

Nicki fired back accusing Terrence of filing the legal battle because he was bitter he lost his most famous client and said he can’t trademark a wig style and therefore she didn’t do anything wrong by selling her wigs.

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The federal court judge agreed with the singer and dismissed the entire lawsuit, stating that Terrence never had any written contracts with Nicki and therefore he has no case. The order awarded Terrence nothing from his $30 million dollar legal battle.

However, the wig maker wasn’t done fighting Nicki and filed an appeal in the case a month later attempting to overturn the judges decision. Nicki fired back shortly after claiming he was doing nothing more than attempting to shake her down for money. The rapper once again said Terrence can’t sue her due to no agreements being signed by either of them.

Nicki claimed Terrence was only hired to design, create and deliver the wigs to her nothing more than that. She says in regards to the wigs, hairstyles aren’t copyrightable and she didn’t break any laws by selling similar designs. She demanded the appeal be shut down.

Then, the Appeals Court came back with their decision and sided with Terrence. They explained that following their review of the lawsuit and the order dismissing the case by the previous judge, they determined the lawsuit would be re-opened and Terrence can continue battling the singer in court.

They said that while Nicki and Terrence had no written contract that doesn’t mean the rapper could steal his designs and sell them on her own.

The order said the oral agreement was essentially that Terrence would design and sell her wigs for her personal use ONLY. They said that if he was selling them to her knowing she would copy the design and sell to the public, he would have charged a higher price for the wigs.

The appeals court said Nicki failed to provide any law that shows she could take Terrence’s designs and sell them to her fans. They allowed the wig designer to continue with the legal battle and stated that if he could prove the allegations in his lawsuit, then he had a case against the rapper — due to her not paying him a cut from her wig line sales.

Since the appeal both parties have been battling it out in a Georgia court.

Then on April 1st, Davidson filed docs stating that he is dismissing the entire lawsuit and all claims against Nicki once and for all. The parties clearly reached a deal in the case where Davidson agreed to throw out his case per the terms of the agreement.

The $30 million dollar lawsuit was dismissed the same day and the terms of the deal Nicki reached with her former wig maker are to be kept confidential.

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Authored by: TJB Writer