(EXCLUSIVE) Gilbert Arenas – Feds Not Happy With Instagram Post Over Alleged Fraud Scheme

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Gilbert Arenas’ Instagram post over committing fraud by screwing over American Express – to the tune of $80k – during one of his strip club visits caught the eye of the federal government — who did not approve of his alleged scheme.

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However, they don’t believe it should allow his ex-personal assistant to be granted a new trial in the case he was found guilty of stealing millions from the former NBA star.

The NBA star’s former personal assistant, John A. White, was found guilty by a Florida jury last year of stealing over $2 million dollars from Arenas – who he worked for from 2006-2012.

White was found guilty of 11 counts of wire fraud and four counts of filing a false tax-related document.

The evidence showed that White stole a total of $2,188,170 from the NBA star by making bank transfers from Arena’s account into 3 different accounts he held in his name.
The court records showed that White used the money he illegally obtained to fund his own personal expenses including buying a home in Florida and purchasing a Ferrari and Range Rover.

The former assistant was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison for the fraud earlier this year. He was also ordered to serve 2 years of supervised release following him checking out of prison. The judge also prohibited White from opening any new lines of credit or making any purchases on credit cards without the approval of his probation officer.

Then recently, White headed back to court demanding a new trial due to newly discovered evidence. He claimed the new evidence is material to the charges that a jury found him guilty of and if presented at a new trial he will most likely not be found guilty.
He said that he now has numerous statements of witnesses who came forward after he the original trial, which all state that Arenas was fully aware of the bank transfers that White had done from his account.

Further, he has signed declarations from bank tellers who dealt with him and the NBA star who say that Arenas was fully aware of the activity that White was found guilty of in the case.

The former assistant also has several people who worked with Arenas stating the NBA star spent large sums of cash like it was nothing over the years. He pointed out the home that was bought in Florida was for one of Arena’s girlfriends and he was fully aware of the purchase.

White also informed the court of Arena’s Instagram posts earlier this year, in which he bragged about defrauding American Express out of $80k through a scheme to screw over a strip club.

He accused Arenas of falsifying his testimony in the trial about White not having the authorization to make the transfers or spend the NBA star’s money on certain purchases.

Then on April 12th, the federal government headed to court demanding White not be granted a new trial and saying his original sentence should remain.

The Feds explain that all the declarations signed by bank tellers and other
associates of Areanas aka “new evidence” presented is not new information due to the stories the people speak about all taking place before the trial and they say if he wanted to present this at his trial he should have done so initially.

In regards to Areanas’ Instagram post talking about scheming American Express out of $80k via fraud at a strip club– the government says they only recently became aware of the post. They say they do not condone the former NBA star’s activity in the message he posted or his bad behavior.

Boxing's Floyd Mayweather Jr. and former NBA player Gilbert Arenas out at the Lakers game. The Washington Wizards defeated the Los Angeles Lakers by the final score 101-88-90 at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Pictured: Gilbert Arenas and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ref: SPL1253234 270316 Picture by: London Ent / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com

Boxing’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. and former NBA player Gilbert Arenas out at the Lakers game.

However, they say the post is in regards to American Express not anything pertaining to this case. They believe the judge would have never allowed that into evidence if it had been posted before the trial. The Feds also bring up the fact that White’s legal team did an effective job challenging Arenas’ credibility during the case but the jury still came back with their decision

The Feds believe White received the sentence he deserved and are demanding the court not grant him a new trial or release him from his prison sentence.

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