Solange Knowles Brings Mother Tina Lawson to Tears [VIDEO]

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Every day is the perfect day to tell your mother or mother figure just how special they are. And Mother’s Day is sure to bring out special, emotional moments. Just ask Tina Lawson, who was literally brought to tears by a sweet message from her daughter, Solange. Solange posted the message below on Instagram, revealing just how much she appreciates her mother. She writes:

And one mo of @mstinalawson because she left the blueprint.
Strong, smart, free, independent, humble, generous, graceful, kind, hard working, creative, funny and most importantly LOVING.
Always showed us the power in having a vision. Grew up with not much at all, 6 sisters and brothers in a 2 bedroom house. Didn’t have a degree, but ALWAYS the smartest sharpest woman in the room. Started a business in her garage and turned it into a lil empire, a space for women to feel empowered and beautiful. My sisters and I had a spare room in the salon, because you refused to have someone else raising us. Came to work with you every day and got to see the power of having a vision and working hard as hell to see it come to life. Had such an incredible tribe of women (Vernell, Cheryl, Angie,) around also showing us the power of being loving, hardworking, graceful women and mothers.

Tina Lawson, Solange Knowles

Tina Lawson, Solange Knowles

Always gave us freedom and learned that me and my sisters were all different and had different needs, so took us to 3 different schools every day. Let me wear my crazy ass outfits and loud tap shoes to places, when I know sometimes people told you you should make me change. Let me blast my crazy music when I know sometimes you just wanted a quiet house. When I wanted to start petitions, or speak to the principle about issues, you were always right beside me. When I wanted to shoot a video in South Africa and didn’t have a budget, you were right there with me being the assistant, assistant, director and let me use alllll your miles for plane tickets. All of that only for me to grow up and hear stories and find out I was just being a little Tina, lol. I didn’t even mean to write this all, I’ve already talked to you twice but daaaaaaaaannng Tina, back at it again with the bomb bomb mommy hood.

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Tina was brought to tears and shared this moment on Instagram. See the clip below.

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