(EXCLUSIVE) Tisha Campbell-Martin & Husband Duane Accused of Being Dishonest, Laptop Demanded in Bankruptcy Case

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theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Tisha Campbell-Martin & her husband Duane Martin are refusing to hand over their personal laptop to the trustee presiding over their Chapter 7 bankruptcy, saying they have personal photos, medical information and secrets about their upcoming projects on it,  but the trustee is demanding the Federal Court Judge order them to hand it over so he can inspect the records and determine if they are hiding assets from their creditors.

Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell Martin

Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell Martin

Here’s the backstory: theJasmineBRAND.com broke the story — the couple filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on January 7th. The petition stated the coupe owned $65k in real estate, $248k in personal property for a total of $313k in assets. However, they are drowning in debt and owe over $15,145,387 in liabilities to creditors.

Their monthly income is $7,655 but their monthly expenses come out to $16,953. Currently they only have $200 in cash on hand and less than $200 in their bank accounts.

The couple own a 2014 Range Rover, 1999 Kawasaki Drifter, 2004 Yamaha Scooter, 2016 Range Rover and 2016 Jeep Wrangler. Other assets include $15k in household goods, $2,500 in electronics, $2,500 in sports and hobby equipment, $1k in clothing, $2,500 in jewelry, along with other expenses.

Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell Martin

Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell Martin

Duane & Tisha also list several companies they run including a production company where Tisha is paid for her work on the ABC show Dr. Ken, which she explains her contract is up in early 2016 and she isn’t sure they will ask her back. The court documents reveal they owe $208,611 in tax debt and $113k in student loans.

The couple’s liabilities are $3 million to Broadway Federal Bank for a personal guaranty for a real estate loan they took out, $9.5 million to the City of Los Angeles for a personal guaranty, $82k in back state taxes for 2005 & 2011, $86k to New York State Department of Taxation, $43k on the 42 month lease for the 2016 Range Rover, $17k on the 2016 Jeep Wrangler, $39k to American Express, $455k to City National Bank, $538k to Comerica Bank, $17k for their nephew’s student loan, $2,500 to a Valet company and numerous other liabilities.

Tisha Campbell-Martin

Tisha Campbell-Martin

Tisha famously starred as Gina on the Martin Lawrence hit sitcom, Martin from 1992-1997 and her other credits include My Wife & Kids, Everybody Hates Chris and now Dr. Ken. Her husband has been equally successful with his career starring in the Real Husbands of Hollywood with Kevin Hart and the hit film “White Men Can’t Jump”.

Shortly after they filed for bankruptcy, the trustee presiding over the case slapped the couple with a federal lawsuit accusing them of diverting funds away from him in an attempt to allegedly hide assets. The judge came back and ordered Duane & Tisha to hand over their business and to cease diverting any funds coming in to other business’ they own.

Here’s the latest: Then on May 16th, the trustee returned to court accusing Duane & Tisha of trying to withhold key information. He states he has a

strong impression that the debtors have not been honest and forthcoming in this case, and, indeed, are seeking to divert property and assets that could prove to be valuable to creditors of this estate.

The trustee explains he requested Duane – who manages the majority of couple’s money – to hand over the laptop he uses to work on his various businesses and finances.

The couple have interest in several businesses including production and loan-out companies, a restaurant, real estate investment entities and trusts. They have handed over some of the information the trustee demanded, but Duane has yet to hand over the laptop to the trustee who wants to have an expert copy all of their financial and operational information to see the true value of their companies and the current state of their financial situation and to make sure they didn’t delete or wipe any records to hide funds and assets.

The trustee claims he requested Duane to hand over the computer back in April. However, the actor has “raised every excuse in the book to delay” handing it over.

Duane refused to hand it over saying it contained personal photos & information, medical information regarding the couple and their special needs children, martial communications and other confidential information regarding future projects the two have in the works.

The trustee is demanding the judge order Duane and & Tisha to hand over the laptop and allow him to have a professional copy their computer files and records.

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