Wiz Khalifa Releases ‘Celebrate’ Video Feat. Rico Love [WATCH]

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa dropped his new single, “Celebrate” with assistance from singer Rico Love. The video is directed by Khalifa and Dan Folger.

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The single is off his new album, “Khalifa” and is produced by Sledgren. In the video, Wiz is living the good life, partying on a yacht surrounded by beautiful women. He rhymes:

And I want to celebrate
Celebrate livin’
I could’ve been dead
I could’ve been in prison
So I’ma celebrate
Celebrate ballin’
Back then I had no phone
Now all these bitches callin’
Smoke, drink, blow checks
Rolex, more sex
‘Cause I can afford it
I fucked around and just bought it
So I want to celebrate
Celebrate livin’
Celebrate livin’
Look how we livin’

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See the video below.

In addition to gearing up for his new album, Khalifa just reached a divorce settlement with Amber Rose and will hitting the road this summer with Snoop Dogg on “The High Road Tour.”

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