Tabi Bonney Releases “Bang Bang” Featuring Wiz Khalifa [New Music]

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Tabi Bonney has dropped his new single, “Bang Bang” featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa. Produced by Double-O, Tabi tells TIDAL of the his summer-ready anthem, the track is about that dangerous girl that all guys know but just can’t leave alone. On the track, he sings:

You shoot ‘em on down like hurting boys is the thing to do
Such a beautiful killer, wonder who created you
I know you’re bad for me, papa warned me ‘bout girls like you
It’s true Bang, she aim right at me wearing nothing but Vera Wang
She told me I was special then said all these other dudes the same
I never met a girl like you baby, what’s your name?

Listen to the full track below.


Authored by: TJB Writer