Sheree Whitfield Drags Instagram Troll Over Cavs: F**k outta here!

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield

What started off as an innocent victory celebration, on Instagram, quickly escalated into a fierce war of the words between reality star Sheree Whitfield and a follower who questions her loyalty to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star battled it out with an Instagram follower immediately following Sunday night’s win. The social media kerfuffle began when the Cleveland native posted the following message on her Instagram page:

Congrats to Lebron, the cavs, and the city of #Cleveland!! What a great game! ??? #MyHometown#RecordBreaking #NBAFinals

The post didn’t set well with of one of her followers who challenged Whitfield’s authenticity as a true fan by stating,

northern_girl_1@shereewhitfield girl, please, u ain’t got one post where you supported them. Have several seats. Leave it to us real fans to celebrate.

Several fans attempted to come to the aid of the RHOA veteran, but Whitfield, who refused the call to be seated and clapped into action with a verbal assault that would cut to the quick of her wittiest cast mates. She defends her position without mincing words and makes it quite clear that she controls what is the HBIC on her social media accounts.

shereewhitfield@northern_girl_1 if u don’t get the fuck off my page with that BS. I post what I want on MY page and when I want. Unlike u butt holes I don’t live for or thru social media. U don’t know my every move or thought! Unnecessary but know this….CLEVELAND all day erday! F*ck Outta here

The less than impressed follower offers up evidence, via a question Sheree had posted two days prior, where she asked her followers to sound off on which team they were going for in game 6, but declined to reveal her choice.

@nortern girl_1 responds with a full on attack of Sheree’s character.

you’re FAKE as hell! Even your last post, you asked “who y’all got”, but you didn’t want to say who YOU had….because you wasn’t sure if the CAVS would win or not! FAKE FAKE FAKE. And YOU gtfoh

In a rapid fire return, that wouldn’t be countered, the She by Sheree designer clapped back on the dissenter with a tongue lashing that would end it all, when she exclaimed,

listen u attention seeking whore…. I can ask and interact on my page as I please. If u don’t like it take ur bored ass elsewhere. U won’t b missed! Those who know me PERSONALLY know who I’ve always rode with! du I’m from Cleveland bih

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This type of communication has become the norm as we share our personal lives more than ever, on social media. What’s your take on social media clap backs? Are they necessary? Should celebrities refrain from responding to those who troll the? Please share your thoughts.

By -Theresa Cole

Authored by: TJB Writer