Love & Hip Hop’s Jessie Woo Bursts Into Tears, Blames Producers For Instigating Fight Between Her & Amara La Negra

Jessie Woo

Love & Hip Hop’s Jessie Woo Bursts Into Tears, Blames Producers For Instigating Fight Between Her & Amara La Negra [VIDEO]

Looks like Love & Hip-Hop Miami newbie, Jessie Woo may be over the reality TV show after just one season. She took to social media to voice her frustration while holding back tears with her work with the VH1 show. In a social media video, Woo claims that the producers of the LHHMIA franchise are pushing a story line that pits her against singer Amara La Negra.

In her live, Woo says,

“Let me tell you something, I have better things to do with my motherf*cking time then to be talking about anybody’s Mom. Outside of a figure of speech, I’m not about to be sitting here dedicating my f*cking green screens to talk about somebody’s Mom, I’m not about to do that sh*t. It’s clear to me that y’all intentions are, you guys really want me to fight this girl, you really want me to go head to head with this girl, and I’m not going to cooperate with that bullsh*t. I don’t know what she’s doing on her page, if Amara wants to be on her on page and push her professional victim sh*t on her social media, she can do that, period. You can do what you want, but me, Jessica, Jessie, I’m not doing that bullsh*t. I’m not about to be doing these green screens, talking about this girl all motherf*cking day.”

Woo continued her rant as producers allegedly called her during her live. The comedian says she is over the show stating she doesn’t appreciate seeing two black girls fighting over, “petty sh*t.”

She continues,

“I’m done, I’m f*cking done. Y’all pushed y’all native enough. I’m done. I’m f*cking done. I’m not doing it no f*cking more. NO MORE! Y’all got two black girls on this f*cking show going at like this for what? For some petty sh*t? I’m not close to that girl like that. We had a misunderstanding let’s more the f*ck on. Y’all dragged it enough and I’m tired. I’m f*cking tired. My life don’t revolve around Love and Hip-Hop. “

In September, we broke the story that Woo had been casted for the new season of LHHMIA and was involved in an altercation with a few cast-members. As of this weekend, she’s calling out the producers of the show, forcing her to continue the beef with Amara.

See the clip.


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As far as Amara, she addressed Woo’s live in a video of her own mentioning she would address the scenario.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette