(EXCLUSIVE) Ludacris Accused of Child Abuse, Investigated By Child Services

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Tamika Fuller, Ludacris

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Ludacris (real name Christopher Bridges) was investigated by the Department of Family and Children Services over a child abuse complaint filed against him and the 38-year-old rapper/actor is accusing his baby mama of filing a false report due to her bitterness stemming from him being awarded primary custody. He has headed to court demanding she be found in contempt of court and sanctioned for her actions.

Here’s the backstory:  Back in 2015, Ludacris was awarded primary custody of his daughter with baby mama Tamika Fuller. The two battled it out in court for months accusing each other of being the less fit parent. Fuller even claimed during the battle that the rapper wanted her to get an abortion and tried throwing 10K at her to get rid of the child.

However, the judge reviewed a report by an independent expert who had determined Ludacris was the more fit parent. The order also gave Ludacris full legal custody, giving him the only say when it comes to making important life decisions for their child. Tamika appealed the custody decision and recently the Appeal court came back and denied her petition to overturn the original judgement.

Here’s the latest: Then on July 6th, Ludacris headed to court and filed an application for contempt and request for a restraining order and sanctions against Tamika.  The rapper explains since the judge came back with his order in early 2015, Tamika has attempted to ignore the order and usurp his custodial rights by making decisions for their minor child, which she has no authority to do. He says he has tried to work out the issues but Tamika refused to follow the court order.

Ludacris points out that Tamika continuously drops off their child at daycare on Fridays – when he decided to have private tutoring for their child on Fridays. He claims that she keeps disregarding the doctor he choose and going to other physicians and violating the order by taking unscheduled and unannounced visitation time at the daycare even when asked by the staff not to come. Luda says that she has leaked private emails to the media for her own publicity and to portray Ludacris in a false, negative light and even choose to start a GoFundMe account in an attempt to profit off their child, which was against the court order.

He accuses his baby mama of sending pictures of their kid to gossip sites and even penned an ‘essay’ which was rife with false criticisms of the court and Luda.

The last straw came when Luda says Tamika contacted the Department of Family and Children Services and filed a false report against him based on their kid having a common rash. He says she was informed by Luda that a doctor had already seen the rash and she was prescribed an ointment.

Luda claims that on May 19th 2016, the department contacted him and said pursuant to department protocol, his parenting time with his kid was suspended. He says his baby mama must be stopped from filing false and malicious reports of child abuse.

He is demanding the court order Tamika to follow the original order, find her in contempt of court and sanctioned for her actions along with order her to pay attorney fees and litigation expenses.

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Authored by: TJB Writer