(EXCLUSIVE) Chris Bosh Baby Mama Wants Docs Proving He Got Her Fired From ‘Basketball Wives’

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theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is refusing to hand over key documents in the legal battle with his baby mama – in which she sued him for allegedly interfering with her ‘Basketball Wives’ contract and causing producers to fire her during production. She is now returning to court demanding the judge force the NBA star to hand over a confidential settlement he reached with show producers.

Chris, Allison Circa 2008

Chris, Allison Circa 2008

Here’s the latest: On August 22nd, Allison Mathis went to court demanding Bosh hand over the confidential settlement agreement he reached with Shed Media, the production company behind Basketball Wives.

She explains when Bosh sued the producers back in 2011 and almost immediately after he filed the case was settled between the parties and Mathis was terminated from the show. She believes the NBA star used the settlement agreement to accomplish his one goal — get her fired from the reality show.

Mathis says Bosh has refused to hand over any documents related to and/or the settlement agreement he signed with the show producers citing confidentiality reasons.

The NBA star’s baby mama is demanding the judge force him to hand over the settlement agreement and all communications with Shed Media, in hopes it will help prove her case in the trial which could lead to substantial amount of damages being awarded to her.

Here’s the backstory: Bosh and his baby mama Allison Mathis have been fighting for years in court over their daughter Trinity. The case had gotten so nasty that a Florida judge ripped them apart in court telling them to stop acting like children and to focus on what is important, their daughter. The two finally reached a settlement agreement in the custody/support battle last year. However, the two are still battling each other in a civil lawsuit.

Basketball Wives Miami cast circa 2011

Basketball Wives Miami cast circa 2011

Back in 2011, Chris filed a lawsuit against his baby mama along with Basketball Wives production company Shed Media. He claimed that producers and Allison – who was set to appear on the 3rd season of the show – were going to infringe on his trademark and publicity rights. He demanded the show not be allowed to utter his name and his baby mama not be allowed to film the show.

Mathis was eventually dropped from the show prior to the start of production. However, Allison counter-sued the NBA star claiming he ruined her deal without cause and accused him of lying to the show producers about her having signed a confidentiality clause.

Bosh’s lawsuit was dismissed by the judge presiding over the case. Allison’s lawsuit has been pending since 2011 with both parties still battling it out over her claim he made her lose up to 250k by interfering with her TV deal. She demanded he be ordered to pay the money she lost in the deal. Chris denied he caused her to lose the Basketball Wives deal and said he was only looking out for his own interest.

Recently, Allison returned to court because she believes she is owed a lot more in damages for what Bosh did to her. She filed docs in the lawsuit in which she is requesting she be allowed to amend her original complaint to now seek punitive damages, which in Florida can be up to 2 million dollars extra on top of the other damages she may be awarded in her case.

According to court documents, Allison explains that during the course of the lawsuit it is has been proven that Chris intentionally and maliciously interfered with her deal for Basketball Wives and she is now demanding he be on the hook for punitive damages as well.

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Chris, Trinity, Allison

Chris’ baby mama says he is malicious and has attempted to take custody of her daughter away over the years. Also, she says he only pays $2,685 in support despite making millions in the NBA. She says that his interference with her TV deal was another attempt to oppress her and that was the only real chance she had to make her own money.

She stated that her ex has continued this series of harassing behavior long enough and is demanding the court allow her to amend her lawsuit to seek punitive damages.

Bosh responded to her motion and said,

Plaintiff, Allison Mathis, is a woman with virtually no career or employment history over her lifetime who filed this lawsuit in mid-June of 2011.

Bosh explained that he never did anything with malice and truly was attempting to protect his name and likeness from appearing on Basketball Wives without his consent. He said that his baby mama has abused the court system and is attempting to cash in even more by seeking additional damages. He demanded her request to amend her complaint to add punitive damages be denied.

The judge sided with Bosh and shut down Mathis’ motion but the case continues on and both sides are preparing for the upcoming trial.

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