What We All Can Learn from the ‘Omeeka’ Romance

Practical Love Lessons We All Can Learn from the 'Omeeka' Romance

Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill

Everyone enters the new year with great optimism and fresh resolutions, but for the Omeeka (aka Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill) romance, its New Year’s start revealed an end for the hip hop couple.

Practical Love Lessons We All Can Learn from the 'Omeeka' Romance

While many are counting this as the first L for Meek Mill in 2017, there are lessons to learn from his relationship with Nicki Minaj that can be used to improve the relationships in our own lives. Check out our advice below!

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Stand with your partner through thick and thin: Meek Mill experienced a few losses in 2016 with the entire world watching and scrutinizing, but no matter how many times Meek failed Nicki was there by his side. She stood by Meek as a loving and caring companion when the world was laughing and turning their backs on him, and that’s loyalty we can all learn how to show for those we claim to love. Stand by your partner through hard times.

Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj

Support your partner’s dreams: “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” is one of the ego shattering lines from Drake’s diss aimed at Meek while on tour with Nicki Minaj, but there is a lesson of love to be learned here. Nicki supported Meek in his artistry by including him on her tour. Not only did she help him make money, but she pushed him to be better as a performer, and that’s love. Support your partner in accomplishing their dreams.

Communicate with your partner: Omeeka definitely wasn’t shy about public expressions of affection, and neither did they shy away from public expressions of disagreements. There have been plenty of photos of Meek and Nicki appearing to be within a lover’s quarrel or two, but they were always talking. The former lovers had their differences, but they’ve always talked them out and maintained their bond. Communicating how you feel to your partner is important to remain on the same page. Talk things out and listen to your partner honestly. Love is patient.

Have fun together: No matter what — Omeeka had a great time together traveling the world on and off tour. We’ve seen them laughing court side at NBA matchups, hugged up at events, whirling into the midnight darkness on RTV’s and so much more. The most important thing to remember when in love is to have fun and to enjoy the experience while it lasts because some romances aren’t made to be forever.

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