Vivica A. Fox On Trump’s Presidency: It’s just another notch on his belt.

Vivica A. Fox On Trump's Presidency: It's just another notch on his belt.

Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox Talks Trump’s Presidency

If there’s one thing Vivica A. Fox is known for, it’s speaking her mind! In an interview with, the Hollywood actress -who recently snagged a monumental role, as the first African American female president in her a sci-fi film, Crossbreed – is dishing on her thoughts about her former boss, Donald Trump.

Vivica admits that she’s a bit surprised that a reality star would be in the White House, but says Trump has said for quite some time that he had plans for politics.

[I] Never thought a reality star…but I’ll tell you, when I did Celebrity Apprentice, he wanted to run for president. He had that in his mind. He really did. He felt like it was the biggest notch on his belt he could’ve ever got. So, for him it was just another notch on his belt.

She also spoke about Inauguration Day and the moment when Trump and his wife Melania were greeted at the White House by the Obama’s.

Oh and you know Melania honey, after this [inauguration] is over she’s on the first jet back to New York, her and Baron! I thought it was so cold of her to show up with the gloves on, like she didn’t want to touch anyone’s hand today. That looked very cold. Just like her. Cold as ice. And did you see when Melania got the Tiffany box, he just left her, didn’t help her up the stairs or anything! He looked scared sh*tless today. He really did. Piece of sh*t!

Vivica A. Fox On Trump's Presidency: It's just another notch on his belt.

Donald Trump

Vivica had personal experience with Trump as a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. And although she believes he will make a disastrous president, she admits he was nice to her on the show.

But, when I was on Apprentice, he was lovely. He liked me because I always kept it real and told the truth. The rest of them tried to bullshit him. He was like,’Vivica, what’s really going on?’ So I liked him, when I did Apprentice. But, even back then, he had a fascination with wanting to be President. So, I hope he got that out of his system and like someone said, the countdown to the next 4 years being over starts now!

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Authored by: Kellie Williams