Melyssa Ford Remembers Reality Co-Star Daisy Lewellyn

Melyssa Ford Remembers Reality Co-Star Daisy Lewellyn

Daisy, Melyssa Ford (Photo Credit: Stuff Fly People Like)

Melyssa Ford Remembers Daisy Lewellyn

Melyssa Ford remembers her late friend, reality star Daisy Lewellyn, who passed last year. The pair starred together on BRAVO’s Blood Sweat & Heels. Sharing a photo of the two together, Melyssa writes:

It’s been a year to the day that @daisylewellyn passed away. The day of her funeral I came home, sat on my back deck and stared at the mountains for 2 hours, trying to reconcile that one of the brightest, funniest, most caring women I had ever met had died at the age of 36. She was becoming successful, but she also wanted to be married and to have children; yet her life was cut short and it just didn’t make sense. And it HURT. I made a pledge to her and myself that day that I would live my best life, for both of us. I would tell my loved ones they are loved every chance I got; I would fight injustices wherever and however I could; I would travel the world and experience everything possible, with or without fear.
She inspired me in life, and continues to inspire me in the spirit she’s left behind. I still cry when I think about her: how much she wanted to CONNECT with her loved ones, knowing the end was near. I’m crying as I write this. But I’m just so GRATEFUL I had the opportunity to know her and to truly come to understand what part of our purpose is here on this earth: to share with one another, to love as hard as possible without fear, to experience as much as we can pack into our little bags before we are called back. #Daisy

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Daisy fought an inspirational battle against cancer.

Melyssa Ford Remembers Reality Co-Star Daisy Lewellyn

Cast of Blood, Sweet & Heels circa 2013

In a 2015 interview with BRAVO, Daisy stated,

I have cancer – cancer doesn’t have me. Every day comes with its challenges, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating what I have in my life. I wanted to turn this tragedy into triumph by sharing my story in hopes that even one person could feel inspired.

Her last tweet in 2016, was about a sweet moment between President Barack Obama and his daughter,

Daisy was diagnosed in February 2014 with stage-three bile duct cancer, a rare cancer affecting the liver, and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Daisy was 36.

Let’s continue to send prayers, love and light to Daisy’s family, friends and others who have lost loved ones to cancer.

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