Kanye Hit With Lawsuit, Accused Of Skipping Out On $400K Fashion Rental Service Bill

Kanye West

Kanye Hit With Lawsuit, Accused Of Skipping Out On $400K Fashion Rental Service Bill

Kanye West apparently doesn’t know how renting items works.

The billionaire businessman is facing yet another lawsuit after he allegedly received several pieces of clothing from fashion rental agency David Casavant Archive—but failed to return more than a dozen of them. He is now trying to skip out on a $400,000 bill.

While the company has reportedly worked with Kanye West since 2014, this is the first time they’ve had any issues with him. According to the lawsuit, the rapper rented 49 items in February and March of 2020, returning 36 of them with no problem.

He ceased paying the weekly fees for the final 13 items at the end of October 2020. He is now being pursued for approximately $221k in outstanding rental costs and another $195k in replacement expenses for the unreturned and unpaid for items.

And David Casavant isn’t the only person waiting for Kanye West to pay up.

As previously reported, publishing company Ultra International Music Publishing (UIMP) is suing the rapper for copyright infringement over the song ‘Flowers,’ a track off DONDA 2. Kanye West and the creators of Stem Player are said to have sampled the 1986 house song ‘Move Your Body,’ written by house artist Marshall Jefferson, without permission.

According to the lawsuit, West and his agents admitted to UIMP and Marshall Jefferson‘s representatives that they sampled ‘Move Your Body’ without consent. The complaint reads:

“Despite this acknowledgement, West has not ceased distribution of ‘Flowers.’ Defendants’ conduct is willful and deliberate. Defendants know and have been informed that they do not possess a license to utilize the Composition in the Unauthorized Work, and yet continue to willfully infringe in blatant disregard of UIMP’s rights of ownership.”

The unauthorized sample is repeated “at least” 22 times in the track.

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