Laura Govan Battled Severe Yeast Infections: I wasn’t happy.

Laura Govan Battled Severe Yeast Infections: I wasn't happy.

Laura Govan

Laura Govan Opens Up About Yeast Infections

Laura Govan is opening up about a super personal health concern that many women face: yeast infections. The ex reality star, who shares 4 children with former NBA baller Gilbert Arenas, recently shared that after her last child she experienced a chronic unrelenting string of vaginal yeast infections. Thankfully, now, its under control, but she wants to share her experience with other women who may experience the same issue. She explains,

My biggest problem was getting yeast infections because I can’t break sugar down. There’s so much sugar in so many things, and changing my diet; it was hard, it was a struggle.

She continues,

I just wasn’t happy. Although everybody else was happy and healthy, I felt uncomfortable and not good. I just didn’t feel good. 

Laura Govan Battled Severe Yeast Infections: I wasn't happy.

When asked if a smell was associated with the yeast infection, she explains,

Well for me… I don’t go around smelling like salmon croquette! Like I’m not… you know, I’m fresh. But, there’s still like… you know when you start rubbing? And the smell? It’s like anything – if you start rubbing cottage cheese after a while it’s like, it’s smells like a little cardboard with a little hint of, you know, something.

So what helped fix her problem? She says she eats less processed foods and sugar.

I can’t even eat a Starburst. I just drink a lot of water to flush out all the toxins.

Now, her diet now mainly consists of greens, apples, and less sugar. She has also stopped wearing thongs. Women who suffer from yeast infections should visit their gynecologist. Other suggestions include: changing your diet, keeping the area dry and wearing white cotton underwear.

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Authored by: TJB Writer