Laura Govan Wants A Husband & More Kids + Talks Cosmetic Surgery: I still have to work out.

Laura Govan Wants A Husband & More Kids

Don’t count Laura Govan out of walking down the aisle and expanding her family. In a recent interview, the reality star admits that despite things not working out for her and ex NBA baller Gilbert Arenas, she still wants to get hitched and have more children. She also opens up about her recent appearance on Iyanla: Fix My Life; confirms whether or not she’d be open to returning to Basketball Wives and explains why she’s been under the knife. Peep the excerpts below.

On her upcoming appearance on Fix My Life:

You know what, I don’t honestly know whats going to happen because I haven’t seen the episode and I don’t know. Honestly, its a lot, it was. She brings out an emotion in you that I cant explain. Like she had me crying like a baby.

On what happened during taping: 

We had a moment were I was like ‘Naw you got me twisted. Hold on let me explain some sh-t to you and who I am.’  And she said ‘I can really tell your this way and shown that way.’

On what she revealed on the episode: 

We covered a whole bunch of stuff. It was a hurtful, hurtful really good conversation.

On if she felt Iyanla was judgmental: 

Oh yeah for sure and I brought that up and I talk to her about that. Like ‘Hold on, like don’t judge me from what I got on.’

On why it was time for Iyanla Vanzant to ‘fix’ her life: 

You know what, its a time, a reason and a season for EVERYTHING. And I think that just where I’m at in my life, you know the transition. I’m on to better new things and i just wanted to let go.

On how she deals with the good and bad comments on social media:

You know what? You can’t give a damn. I don’t give a damn.

On appearing on the The Doctors: 

I’m on there talking about all kinds of stuff – women and bodies. My body really changed after I had my fourth baby.

On her upcoming book:

So the book is coming at the end of the year, its called “Dont Get Mad Get Sexy.” So it is, initially you think on my gawd you just wanna be sexy. No, its like for men and women. It’s how you wake up how you feel!

On getting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation after losing weight:

I had two and half pounds sitting on my belly after having the 4th baby. I was tucking this big ass thing of skin, of fat into my pants. Imagine all that skin…I went, I got a tummy tuck. I got my breast done and then I gained 40lbs. Because you think, ‘Oh I got this, I’m good now.’ Surgery took my skin off, I have to work out. I have to watch what I eat. I really have to train.

On if she’ll get married:

Yes! Are you kidding me?  I can’t wait to get married and I want to have two more kids. Yes, I want more babies. I can’t wait…I can’t wait to start anew. I love, love. I’m not bitter. I’m not angry. I’ll host his wedding. Moreso today, I’m just really happy. I want to share that experience with somebody else.

On if she dating now: 

I’m having fun. I’m having a really good time right now.

On if she would return to Basketball Wives

No, I don’t think so.

If she left or was kicked off Basketball Wives

I left! I actually was begging to be off. We were in talks of having our own show at the time. Me, my sister, our exes, our family. It just didn’t work out…That’s why I initially left. But would I go back? Ummm, no I wish them well. I don’t knock nobody. I’m not gon’ go on a show and be ambushed.

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Authored by: TJB Writer