EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh – My baby mama on Basketball Wives would have ruined my reputation!

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh - My baby mama on Basketball Wives would have ruined my reputation!

Chris Bosh Says Baby Mama On BBallWives Would Have Ruined His Rep

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Chris Bosh is adamant that if his baby mama wasn’t fired from Basketball Wives, she could have ruined his reputation and cost him money. The now retired NBA baller is demanding the legal battle she filed be dismissed even BEFORE it heads to trial.

Here’s the latest: On June 6th, Bosh filed docs in the case demanding the judge throw out the suit BEFORE they go to trial, arguing his baby mama – Allison Mathis – doesn’t have a case.

The NBA star explains the evidence has shown his only motive in regards to Basketball Wives was to protect his own financial interests, due to his concern his name would be trashed on the show — which could have interfered with his personal brand and name value.

Bosh points to his baby mama’s deposition where she admitted during filming Basketball Wives with another co-star, she spoke about the NBA star and went into detail about their breakup. She alleged on camera – which never aired – that Bosh left her while six months pregnant and stopped paying the bills (he has denied these allegations).

He adds not only was he protecting his wallet but also his family. Further, he says Mathis is unable to show actual damages that he caused her. Bosh is demanding the judge toss the entire case – which has dragged on for years – even before it heads to trial later this year.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh - My baby mama on Basketball Wives would have ruined my reputation!

Chris, Allison Circa 2008

Here’s the backstory: Bosh and his baby mama Allison Mathis have been fighting for years in court over their daughter Trinity. Their custody & support battle was settled, but they are still dueling it out in a civil lawsuit over Basketball Wives.

Back in 2011, Bosh sued his baby mama along with Shed Media, producers behind Basketball Wives. He claimed the show execs and Mathis – who was set to appear on the 3rd season of the show – were going to infringe on his rights. He demanded the show not be allowed to utter his name and his baby mama not be allowed to film the show.

Mathis was eventually fired by producers and never appeared on the show, despite filming. Allison then counter-sued, claiming Bosh ruined her deal and accused him of lying to producers about her having signed a confidentiality agreement.

Mathis’ lawsuit has been pending since 2011 with both parties still battling it out over her claim he made her lose up to 250k by interfering with her TV deal. She is seeking damages for him having her fired

The lawsuit is heading to trial with both parties preparing their case for the courtroom showdown.

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