EXCLUSIVE: Nick Young’s $700k Legal Battle w/ High School Basketball Coach Dismissed

(EXCLUSIVE) NBA's Nick Young Scores Victory in $722k Legal Battle with High School Coach

Nick Young

Nick Young’s Legal Battle w/ High School Coach Dismissed

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, the $700k lawsuit filed against NBA baller Nick Young by his high school basketball coach has been dismissed, following months of the two battling it out in court.

Here’s the latest: On July 27th, Andre Chevalier filed a request for dismissal with prejudice of the entire case and all claims against Young.

The case was close the same day. The filing states he will never bring the suit again in the future and it’s closed forever. It’s unclear if a settlement was reached outside of court.

Here’s the backstory: Nick’s former business manager and consultant, Andre Chevalier, sued demanding $700k.

Chevalier – Nick’s high school basketball coach – signed on to be his business manager in 2007, as he was entering the NBA draft. The deal they signed would pay 2% of Nick’s endorsement and basketball paychecks. He had been paid off of Nick’s agent’s cut, but later realized he was being screwed out of his cut on certain deals and sued for $700k in damages.

Nick failed to respond to the lawsuit by the deadline and the judge awarded a default judgement to Chevailer, consisting of $655,571 (damages) + $65,557 (prejudgment interest) and $1,430 (other costs) for a grand total of $722,558.

The judge granted Chevailer’s motion, only to have Young rush to court saying he wasn’t even aware of the lawsuit. As a result, the judge dismissed the default judgement allowing the case to reopen and carry on.

In April, Young headed, denying he screwed his coach out of hundreds of thousands in commissions. He also accused the man of not even being registered in California as an agent despite him working as his rep. Due to him not being a legal agent, Young says he cannot seek to collect on commissions from him. Young says the deal they signed is unconscionable and unenforceable and as a result he demanded the suit be thrown out of court and his former coach pay his legal fees.

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Authored by: TJB Writer