Lil Wayne Alleges He Got ‘Treated Like Sh*t’ By Security At Los Angeles Lakers Game: ‘I Was Asked To Be There’

Lil Wayne Alleges He Got ‘Treated Like Sh*t’ By Security At Los Angeles Lakers Game: ‘I Was Asked To Be There’

Lil Wayne is sounding off about an unpleasant experience he had while attending a Lakers game.

Being one of America’s most renowned musicians, rapper Lil Wayne might have expected favorable treatment at the NBA game. However, that wasn’t the case. On Thursday night (February 29), the five-time Grammy winner expressed his discontent on social media over an encounter at the Lakers’ game against the Washington Wizards.

He wrote on X (formerly Twitter),

“Wow! Got treated like s— at the Laker game just now but I figured they’d do me that sooner or later either bc of what i said abt [forward Anthony Davis] or simply bc they don’t fwm which I been got that vibe from em as well so all good I get it. F*ck em. It isn’t what it isn’t. I’m used to it.”

The rapper appeared on an episode of FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ on Friday (March 1) and further explained what transpired at the sporting event. He stated,

“They were just doing their job. When I got there, we tried to enter in one entrance of the court. Security was like, ‘No, you guys go to another entrance.'”

Lil Wayne

Sports broadcaster Skip Bayless inquired about Lil Wayne’s seating arrangement, asking if he had courtside seats. The rapper replied that his seats were

“On the floor. On the court. Right next to the scorer’s table.”

He continued,

“And so, the other entrance that he told us to go to, that entrance would be behind people that’s already sitting down and you have to tap them on the shoulder and ask them to get up. So they have to move the chairs so I could get in.”

The ‘A Milli’ rapper said,

“When I saw that being explained to them, I halted, ‘Hey stop. Let’s go where they told us to go.'”

It appears that the security at the arena was the rapper’s main issue at last night’s game, per the New Orleans native.

“So we go back to the first entrance and it seemed okay. And when I started walking to my side, the guy was like, ‘Ah! Ah! Ah!'”

Lil Wayne said the security worker looked directly at him and yelled,

“I told you guys to go to the other entrance!”

Lil Wayne told Skip Bayless the security’s response was “a little much” and shared that at that point, he made the decision to leave the game.

The hip-hop star pointed out that he didn’t want to attend the game in the first place. Instead, he was asked to be there.

He stated,

“I was asked to be there to promote something, but I would’ve rathered a smoother entrance.”

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Authored by: Candice O