EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Lawyer Demands $2 Million Lawsuit Be Thrown Out: Don’t blame me, blame your ex Jason Hoppy!

EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel's Ex-Lawyer Demands $2 Million Lawsuit Be Thrown Out: Don't blame me, blame your ex Jason Hoppy!

Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Lawyer Demands Lawsuit Be Thrown Out

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Bethenny Frankel is being blasted in the $2 million dollar malpractice lawsuit against her former lawyer. The man denies he contributed to her divorce from Jason Hoppy turning nasty & lasting over 3 years. In fact, he blames any damage on her ex-husband and former mother-in-law due to their unlawful & fraudulent actions.

Here’s the latest: Recently, Bethenny’s former lawyer Jamie Andrew Schreck fired back at Bethenny’s $2 million dollar legal demanding it be thrown out of court. The lawyer denies all allegations of wrongdoing when representing Bethenny in creating the trust. He denies the claims that she alone hired him, saying both her and Jason retained him.

He says the lawsuit is barred due to documentary evidence and blames Bethenny own negligence for causing any alleged damages, saying if any injury was suffered if was due to separate, independent and unlawful actions of other people whom he had no control over.

Schreck says damages were solely caused by the unlawful, fraudulent and/or negligent actions of Jason Hoppy, Molly Hayden (who is the trustee of Bethenn’s trust for the property) and Carol Hoppy (Jason’s mother). He demands the entire lawsuit be thrown out and Bethenny not be awarded.

Here’s the backstory: Last year, Bethenny sued her lawyer, Jamie Andrew Schreck, in New York Court.

Bethenny explained she purchased a $5 million dollar Manhattan condo back in 2011. Her then-husband Jason Hoppy had her put the property in a trust, despite her belief the home should be in her name.

Once the marriage fell apart and the divorce was filed, she soon realized the trust set up gave her ex-husband a 50% share of the condo, along with giving him a right to live there and not pay rent during their divorce proceedings. Bethenny blamed Schreck for causing her divorce to turn nasty and take over 3 years to come to a close.

She sued for legal malpractice and is seeking $2 million in damages. According to reports, Bethenny was furious that her lawyer allowed Jason’s mother to be the notary for the trust the was created for the $5 million home.

She believed Schreck should have never allowed his mother to notarize the docs, saying it could make the entire trust invalid in the eyes of the law.

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Authored by: TJB Writer