Shonda Rhimes Developing Film Based On Sci-Fi Novel ‘Recursion’

Shonda Rhimes Develops New Film Based On Sci-Fi Novel

Shonda Rhimes has announced her first project since inking her deal with Netflix. The Shondaland creator is currently in the development of a sci-fi film based on a novel titled “Recursion.” She is developing the project with Matt Reeves. The television content developer released a statement about working on the new film,

Projqects like this are why I came to Netflix. The opportunity to explore a multigenre universe in innovative ways is extremely exciting.

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Shonda Rhimes

The announcement follows after the 5 time NAACP award winner announced she would be ending her  15 year relationship with network ABC, in August. She reportedly signed a $100 million deal with the streaming giant. She is expected to catapult her Shondaland brand with the development of seven more series reported to be on the way.

The author of “Recursion” is Blake Crouch, with a publishing date set for June 11, 2019. The novel’s publisher is Crown.

Authored by: Andre Palmer