Ouch! Beyonce Bodyguard Pushes Paparazzi

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Beyonce’s Bodyguard Pushes Pap

It’s a tough job not only if you’re Beyonce, but if you’re a pap fighting for a photo of the A-lister. As you know, photos of the mega star are worth money, so it’s no surprise that things can get a little aggressive when multiple photogs are trying to get the money shot.

On Friday, Beyonce was surrounded by the paps, as she arrived at ‘ABC Kitchen’ restaurant in NYC. While things are usually calm with Bey and the paps, one took a tumble while trying to shoot her. It appears that he may have been pushed by Beyonce’s security, in order for her to walk safely to the door of the venue. It’s important to note that Beyonce’s regular security guard, Julius de Boer, was not present. Check out the footage.

Looks like his fall was minor.

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Authored by: TJB Writer