Drake Catches Fan Sneaking Photo In Club

Drake Catches Fan Sneaking Photo In Club

Rapper/singer Drake recently took to social media to share an interesting and funny post.  In the photo, the 31-year-old rapper is holding a drink in his hand and looking forward. You can also see a man holding his cellphone who took advantage of the opportunity to snap a photo of the rapper while he was not looking.

The 31 year old Grammy award winner posted a photo on his Instagram page with the caption,

Oh so smokey oh so boasie. 

He posted a second image, focusing on the man who is snapping a photo of him captioning it,

Me when I eat an edible and see myself in the mirror. 

The photo caused some very interesting and quite hilarious commentary between followers. One follower wrote

When you’re trying to prove to your friends that you know Drake.

Another follower wrote,

When all you wanted to do was rock the Bubba Sparks Blueberry Button up with the Cartier Canary accents over the top the Ice Blue White Hue Hurt em’ Hoodie and plot on world domination but superboy behind you sending the sauce to the justice league. Smh stay strong Scorpion-Valentino viper”. 

Back in April, Drake confirmed that he is plaining to release a new album soon. He is naming the album “Scorpion” which is scheduled to be released in June. The leading single is “God’s Plan” which continues to dominate the Billboard Hot 100.

By Kina Lenee Gladney

Authored by: Kellie Williams