EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles Accused of Damaging Cell Phone to Avoid Turning Over Texts to Ex-Lawyers

EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles Accused of Damaging Cell Phone to Avoid Turning Over Texts to Ex-Lawyers

Matthew Knowles

Mathew Knowles Accused of Damaging Cell Phone to Avoid Turning Over Texts to Ex-Lawyers

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, the legal battle between Mathew Knowles and his former attorneys continues. On January 18th, Knowles’ former lawyers filed a motion for sanctions against the music manager.

The law firm explains the judge ordered Knowles to turn over his cell phones in the case to his former lawyers, for them to have an expert try and recover text messages.

Knowles originally told the court the texts requested by the firm were deleted or he didn’t have the same phone. The firm hired an expert to recover the alleged deleted texts, but could not recover any data due to his phone having a damaged USB port which prevented the forensic expert from recovering any data from his cell phone.

However, the expert was able to determine by going through a third party’s phone that Knowles never deleted the texts and he just refused to turn them over. They accuse him of costing them thousands of dollars and delaying the legal battle for months while this issue was being resolved.

The firm says,

this motion and the evidence in support of it make it clear that ther persons committing the offensive conduct are Mathew Knowles and Music World. Mr. Knowles damaged his phone so as to prevent the recover of text messages from it.

They are demanding the court sanction Knowles and order him to pay them $5,960 in sanctions.

Here’s the backstory: The law firm Lang Ferrer PLLC., filed suit against Mathew Knowles and his Music World Properties in Texas court. Back in November 2016, the parties entered into a contract for the firm to represent Knowles. The firm did represent Knowles and completed their obligations per the deal. However, they accuse him of refusing to pay the invoice for their services. As of now, there remains due a total of $49,120.35. The firm explains they have demanded payment numerous times but he yet to pay.

Mathew & Beyonce

They point out that Knowles held a silent auction during the 2017 Super Bowl weekend in Houston, where he sold off music memorabilia and other items from his time managing his daughter Beyonce and the group Destiny’s Child.

The firm accuses him of disposing of the money he pulled in from the auction to avoid debts and legal obligations such as their invoice. They are suing for the unpaid balance plus punitive damages. Knowles responded to their lawsuit and counter-sued, accusing them of lying about him selling his daughter Beyonce’s memorabilia. He also denies the allegations he defrauded the law firm out of $50k. Further, he says the plaintiffs are the ones who breached their deal NOT him.

Knowles accuses them of trying to maximize their fees, but doing minimal work on his case. He believes they are liable to him for damages for their work. He claims the firm was ineffective and overcharged him for the work performed. He is seeking $250k from his former lawyers in damages.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams