VOGUE India Slammed For Kim Kardashian Covers: Put Some Indians On Your Cover!

VOGUE India Slammed For Kim Kardashian Covers

Vogue India is receiving a bit of backlash on social media. Last night (February 26th), the magazine released their new covers which featured Kim Kardashian West.

While some praised the covers, a few were unimpressed. One user wrote,

Soooo when r y’all gonna put indians back on the covers of Vogue india? Bc that’s when I’m gonna start putting money back into ur damn company

Vogue India later turned off the comments, which further upset some. A user wrote,

So you guys got sick of people calling you out for Kim K and you turned off the comment sections on all three posts. How pathetic?

Kim did post one of the covers and kept her comments on.

Should Vogue India be criticized for their Kim K covers?

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Authored by: Kellie Williams