Amber Rose Is Frustrated w/ #MeToo Movement: What About The Strippers & The LGBTQ Community!

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose Is Frustrated w/ #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has encouraged a large number of women in Hollywood to speak out against sexism and harassment from many male public figures in the industry. While many celebrities are in support of the movement thru social media posts using the hashtag, Amber Rose is one feminist with reservations about whether other minority groups have been left out. The socialite is well-known to be outspoken on issues dealing with women in general and is concerned that black women have been underrepresented, which she has a message for white women in Hollywood. During a recent interview, she admits she’s frustrated with the #MeToo movement: 

So with the #MeToo movement, it’s kinda very frustrating to me, all of sudden because feminism became such a mainstream thing now that white rich actress started out coming saying ‘me too, me too’.

Amber Rose

She continues,

But what happened to all of us? What happened to the strippers, LGBT community and the black girls in college, and like going past that, how black women don’t even make as half as much as white women in movies? I really feel like it’s gonna take a white actress to come out and say, ‘hey black women need to make as much as we do in movies’ for it to actually be a change.

Do you agree with Amber’s comments? 

By -Ike Morgan

Authored by: TJB Writer