Draymond Green Says People Can’t Know The Real Him Just By Watching Basketball Because It’s Just A Job: Shame On You

Draymond Green

Draymond Green Says People Can’t Know The Real Him Just By Watching Basketball Because It’s Just A Job: Shame On You

If you think you know the real Draymond Green, think again.

The Golden State Warriors basketball star recently stated there’s no way NBA fans can truly know who he is, and it’s not their business to. Draymond Green, 32, is widely perceived as a hothead due to his seemingly aggressive attitude on and off the court. The power forward recently made headlines for punching his teammate Jordan Poole during practice. However, the four-time basketball champ says his game days and interviews only reveal who he is at work, not in real life.

Speaking about the matter on his Uninterrupted podcast series Throwing Bones, the athlete stated:

“I don’t think NBA fans really know Draymond Green and I don’t think it’s their business to really know Draymond Green,”

He continued:

“If you thought you could get to know me through watching me compete, shame on you,”

Green went on to explain that at the end of the day, basketball is just his job. The NBA star paralleled his situation to someone claiming they know someone else just by watching them work for a few hours. He stated:

“It’s one thing if I sit here and I have a conversation back and forth with you, but if I just came and sat there and just sat here and watched you or at your place of work and just sat and watched you do your job, how crazy would you say I am if I walked away and said, ‘I know her now…That’s what we go through as athletes…Someone can watch you on a TV screen and while watching you on that TV screen, they will walk away from that saying, ‘He’s a f–king asshole.”

Draymond Green

When you take a look at his basketball style, it’s easy to understand there is some truth to Green’s point. The defensive player’s heated energy on the court has proven to be effective in throwing off competitors and charging him up. While he regularly racks up technical fouls for often inappropriate outbursts, Greene’s court persona is often cheered on by fans. His newlywed wife Hazel Renee, however, is not too particular about the associated fines.

Draymond Green, Hazel Renee

Green went on to state that if fans have a true desire to get to know him they should listen to his podcast, explaining:

“When you watch me speak and watch me on things like [Throwing Bones], then that’s a different thing….Here, I’m chilling, I’m myself, I’m kind of just in my lane.”

Throwing Bones season 2 is set to premiere on November 18th on the official Uninterrupted Youtube Channel.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson