Lil Mo & Shekinah Replace Khia On “Queens Court”

Lil Mo, T.S. Madison, Shekinah

Lil Mo & Shekinah Replace Khia On “Queens Court”

Looks like T.S. Madison may have found a replacement for Khia on her hit digital show, Queens Court. Last night, singer and Love & Hip Hop: NY reality star Lil Mo and Shekinah Jo appeared on the show as hosts.

Apparently, Madison is auditioning Khia’s spot.

As previously reported, last month TS Madison and Khia had a messy fallout, which resulted in Khia quitting the show.  The pair took to social media airing out grievances with one another. See a recap, via our Instagram post, about what led to their split. Swipe to the right, to view the multiple videos within the post.

It was later reported that  in December, the duo were offered a TV deal by Nicki Minaj.

TS said that Minaj reached out to her on social media, which led to discussions resulting in a deal where the rapper would produce the show. The TV show would have been called, Nicki Minaj Presents ‘Queens Court’. TS says that the deal fell through and Khia didn’t agree with some of the terms of the deal. See the video below of TS detailing Minaj’s offer.

Part 1

Part 2


Who would be a good replacement for Khia on the show?

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